Large Format Printing

Working with us is easy.

We earned a third award as a Top 40 Wide-Format Imaging Printer not just because of the high quality of our products, but because working with us is easy.

Our customer service team is well-versed in working with marketing agencies. We understand the challenges you face and the timeframes that drive you. Our extensive experience in supplying the finest quality large format print and exhibit materials for brokers, advertising, marketing, and event management agencies throughout the Northeast U.S. allows us to be flexible and responsive. We hold our channel partnerships in the highest regard and will never knowingly pursue business directly from your clients. We are proud of our track record of happy clients and look forward to adding your organization to that list!

We specialize in making you stand out.

Trade shows are organized chaos, a feast for the senses…and exhibitors strive to make their messages stand out in the sea of colors and information. The best way to do this is by making your booth visually stunning and engaging, with clear print, bright graphics, and an innovative layout.

We offer a wide array of options – from banner stands to pop-up coyote booths and vector displays. No matter the booth layout, we have the display for you. Our more compact table-top units also may be used for in-office or in-lobby displays, ensuring your company’s branding and message are reinforced onsite.

Visit our online catalogs to see the wide selection of Exhibit Solutions.

Jerome the Giraffe

Recognized Again

All business owners strive to be the best in their fields. “Best” may be declared due to customer satisfaction, product quality, or high level of service. Being declared the” top” or the “best” by an independent, outside organization is quite a distinction. Being recognized three years in a row as such is incredible!

BIGraphics is immensely proud to have been selected again by as a Top 40 Wide-Format Imaging Printer. Our customer-first focus, strong partnerships with resellers, and large-format technology has made us stand out…and we wouldn’t have it any other way.