Artwork Guidelines

UPLOAD Files to BIGraphics

Please call if you are not sure if the art file format is acceptable for our current software capabilities. A technical support service representative will be happy to assist you. Call us Toll Free at 877.244.7274.

>Download Guidelines for Submitting Artwork (PDF)
> Download Guidelines for Preparing Contour Cut Files (PDF)

We can accept your artwork in either Mac or PC format. If uploading artwork to our ftp site via our website, please make sure your file is less than 500 MB. If your artwork requires support images and fonts, please zip or stuff everything into one file. The uploader will only accept one file at a time. We can also accept files on CD, DVD, Jump Drives, or via email if they are less than 2 MB in size.

We accept files created using the following software:
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Acrobat
When submitting vector based artwork, you should prepare your files to an .eps format and convert all of the fonts to outlines. (In Corel you would convert the fonts to curves). All of the placed images should be embedded.

When submitting raster based artwork, files should be created at a rate of 150 dpi for a 100% size image. If you need to work smaller than this, we recommend at least 100 dpi for each 100% you want to enlarge the image.

If sending art in InDesign, please package all of the necessary fonts and images that are linked to your artwork.

Printed image sizes can only be proportional to the dimensions of your original artwork. For example, a typical 8.5” x 11” file can be blown up proportionally to 17” x 22”, 22” x 34”, 27.8” x 36”, 37.1” x 48”, or 48” x 62.1”.

Like all inkjet process color technology, we are not able to print spot colors. It is also not safe to assume that what we print will match what you see on your computer monitor. In order for us to meet your color requirements, we recommend that you provide us with Pantone color values or a hard copy color proof that you would like us to match to.

Mail artwork to:
BIGraphics, Inc.
Attn: Pre-Press
472 Amherst Street, Unit 18
Nashua, NH 03063